Adapting a Book – Beautiful Creatures (2013).

A few days ago, in my Script Writing seminar, we were discussing the changes between a film adaptation and the material it is based on. The first film that came to mind was Beautiful Creatures, which was adapted from the first book of the Caster Chronicles series. I read this book about a year after it was published in 2009, I really liked it because the book was from a male character’s point of view. Usually, fantasy books have a female lead such as Belle (Twilight), Clary (The Mortal Instruments) and Rose (Vampire Academy).

When the film was released in 2013, I was really excited to see how the spells and the appearance of the Casters world would appear cinematically. I had read reviews before I actually went to see it. A lot of fans of the books were upset with the plot. A review posted on YouTube by Little Book Owl (2013), stated how she didn’t like how the film changed a very big plot point in the film, which meant the entire film after that was completely different. I understand why the production company Alcon Entertainment changed the plot around because I think it would have been complicated to translate the book
into a visual form. In the book, you have to pay attention to what’s going on because there are little parts that a reader can easily miss. Although the film structure needs to map the narrative out so the audience can understand it.

Another book fan stated how the film had a lot of plot holes, they state how “…the story of Lena and Ethan wasn’t explained very well” (Machin, 2014.) I understand why this person thinks that; Richard LaGravenese who directed and wrote the screenplay would not have had enough space to fit in all the details of Lena and Ethan’s relationship in the adaptation. A writer of a book can put more details in because they would have 300 pages to form the relationship, although visually a film only has 90 mins approx. to make the progression of this relationship clear to the audience.

Personally, I liked the film because of the soundtrack. I think thenewno2 did an excellent job creating music to fit the location and to set the tone of the film. Certain songs such as Run To Me, The Burning Signs, Interception and Make It Home (Ridley’s Siren Remix)  broke down what side the characters were either light or dark.

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